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July 26, 2019 Francesco Deo

Litigants May Only Have One Kick at the Can!

The case of Sajadi v. MTCC 648, 2019 HRTO 641, is a good reminder that parties may only have one kick at the can when litigating human rights ...

August 08, 2012 Mario D. Deo
Posted in General Interest

Dealing with Disruptive Directors

One of the common issues we are asked to address relates to directors who are, to say the least, "disruptive."  For instance...

May 15, 2012 Mario D. Deo
Posted in General Interest

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite - Dealing with Bedbugs in Condos

Dealing with bedbugs might become even more difficult for Toronto condo corporations, after the loss of $1.2 million in dedicated provincial fundi...


May 03, 2012 Jonathan H. Fine
Posted in General Interest

Social Media: Condominium Corporations Must Protect Their Cyberspace

The improper use of social media can cause unnecessary legal problems and can tarnish the reputation of a condominium corporation. Preventio...

March 02, 2012
Posted in General Interest

Invasion of Privacy Recognized as a Cause of Action – What Does it Mean for Condominiums?

The Ontario Court of Appeal has recognized the tort of invasion of privacy; in other words, it is now possible to sue someone for invasion of pr...

February 22, 2012
Posted in General Interest

The Impact of HST on Closing Costs: Buyer Beware!

If you are buying a newly constructed or substantially renovated home, you need to consider the impact of the HST, as this new tax and associated ...


February 17, 2012
Posted in General Interest

Is your Condo ready for HST?

As a board member or property manager, you NEED to be aware that the federal and provincial governments plan to merge GST and PST to create...


February 17, 2012 Marco Graziani
Posted in General Interest

Asbestos – A Thing of the Past? Maybe Not!

It was surprising to hear that asbestos may have been present in commonly used building materials, such as acoustic ceiling tiles, textured fini...


April 12, 2011
Posted in General Interest

Condos in the News

Early this morning, a hot water supply pipe burst in a 30-storey Mississauga-area condominium tower. The building was evacuated, and at least on...

March 18, 2011
Posted in General Interest

Swimming Pool Safety

It's almost the time of year when our condominium clients are preparing to get their outdoor swimming pools ready for the start of summer.  C...

September 03, 2010
Posted in General Interest

Important Information Website for Ontario Condominium Residents

If you have questions about buying, selling, or living in a condominium, click here to go to an information website created by the Ontario Governm...

March 10, 2010 Mario D. Deo
Posted in General Interest

Can an Ontario Board of Directors Ban Smoking Inside Condominium Units?

The wave seems to be gathering speed to ban smoking inside individual condo and apartment units. We all can accept by now that smoking is proper...


February 23, 2010
Posted in General Interest

Government gives more time to "top up" reserve funds

We have learned that CCI and ACMO successfully negotiated an extension to the requirement found in section 33(2) of O.Reg. 48/01 made under the ...

February 16, 2010
Posted in General Interest

New Mortgage Rules for Homebuyers

Federal finance minister Jim Flaherty announced three important changes to mortgage rules this morning that will affect borrowers in Canada&rsqu...

January 20, 2010 Marco Graziani
Posted in General Interest

Revising a Condo Corporation's Organizational By-law

For all condominium corporations created prior to May 5th, 2001, which is the date the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”) came into f...

January 19, 2010
Posted in General Interest

Policy Regarding Use of Handheld Electronic Devices while Driving

Companies that provide employees with cell phones, or require employees to be available (implicitly or explicitly) by cell phone for w...

January 15, 2010 Mario D. Deo
Posted in General Interest

2009 Condo Conference

We are pleased to be a Premier sponsor of this year’s CCI-T/ACMO Condo Conference to be held Nov 6-7, 2009 at the Hilton Suites Toront...

January 15, 2010 Michael D. Pascu
Posted in General Interest

Insurance Deductibles: Who must pay them?

There is a perception that the unit owners who are "at fault" for causing the insured damage are always responsible to pay the insurance ...

January 11, 2010
Posted in General Interest

City of Toronto Water Supply By-Law

Many towns and cities have by-laws that require the installation of backflow prevention devices on water lines that connect certain ty...

December 30, 2009 Michael D. Pascu
Posted in General Interest

Alteration or No Alteration: The implications of the McMahon Hot Tub Case

As previously posted on this BLOG, the Court of Appeal recently rendered its decision in the case of Wentworth Condominium Corporation No. 198 v. ...

December 23, 2009
Posted in General Interest

Cap on Closing Adjustments

I recently met with David Pylyp of RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc. to discuss the problem of surprise closing adjustments and the need for a cap t...

December 21, 2009
Posted in General Interest

Interested in hearing of your successes

Does your board have a problem-solving success story that it would like to share?  Did you solve a unique problem in a particularly cost ef...

December 17, 2009
Posted in General Interest

Mandatory Metropasses for New Toronto Condominiums

Toronto condominium developers will now be required to provide a 12-month Metropass with each residential condominium unit as a condition of obt...

December 15, 2009
Posted in General Interest

The Home Renovation Tax Credit and Common Element Renovations

As part of the Government of Canada's economic action plan, Canadians living in condominiums will be able to claim a home renovation ta...

December 10, 2009
Posted in General Interest

Court of Appeal Delivers its Decision in the McMahon Hot Tub Case

Click here for the complete decision. In this case, the Court of Appeal dismissed the condominium corporation’s appeal, and held that ...

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