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July 26, 2019 Francesco Deo

Litigants May Only Have One Kick at the Can!

The case of Sajadi v. MTCC 648, 2019 HRTO 641, is a good reminder that parties may only have one kick at the can when litigating human rights ...

June 08, 2012 Marco Graziani
Posted in condominium act

Renewed Hope - Changes are Coming

It is well known that the Condominium Act, 1998 is anything but perfect. With today's announcement of the government's intent to revisit  and...


May 24, 2012 Jonathan H. Fine
Posted in condominium act

Should We Consult Our Lawyer? Good News and Bad News

The bad news is that as a director, you may be liable to the other owners for poor decision making if the condominium corporation suffers a loss...

March 09, 2012
Posted in condominium act

Collecting Chargebacks - Good News and Bad News

A recent case reaffirms some important principles regarding condominium liens and helps to re-establish what sort of charges a condominium can a...

February 21, 2012 Mario D. Deo
Posted in condominium act

Are Unit Owners Entitled to Attend Condo Board Meetings?

No one, other than a director, is entitled to attend condominium board meetings, without the invitation of the board. Often times, informatio...

December 30, 2011
Posted in condominium act

Municipal By-Laws and Condominiums – What a Condominium Board Needs to Know

Municipal by-laws set out rules to help form the basis for orderly living in a community. Municipal by-laws address a number of things incl...

November 09, 2011 Mario D. Deo
Posted in condominium act

How can a Board of Directors amend a declaration?

A condominium declaration is created exclusively to each condo at the time of registration. Declarations can become outdated and not fit the pre...

September 30, 2011 Mario D. Deo
Posted in condominium act

Can a Condominium Restrict Rentals in Ontario?

Restricting rentals of condo units in a building can affect individuals purchasing units in the condominium market and more specifically, the inve...


February 25, 2011
Posted in condominium act

Springtime in Toronto, Pets and Enforcing Rules

As I walk my dog around the grounds of my condominium building, the melting snow reveals a springtime tradition; mounds of dog waste, thawing on...

February 03, 2011
Posted in condominium act

Is your condominium's address for service up to date?

Your condominium corporation has an address for service, usually specified in the declaration, which is registered on title to the units. It...

October 08, 2010
Posted in condominium act

Board Meeting Good Practices - Reviewing Bank Statements

Boards of directors should be reviewing monthly bank statements issued by the condominium corporation's bank or trust company, for both the ...

September 13, 2010
Posted in condominium act

Bill 79 proposes significant changes to the Condominium Act, 1998

A new private member's bill, Bill 79, to make significant changes to the Ontario Condominium Act, 1998, is before the Ontario Legi...

January 29, 2010 Marco Graziani
Posted in condominium act

Mediation/Arbitration Procedures By-Law

Section 132 of the Condominium Act, 1998 mandates that, among other things, any dispute that arises between a condominium corporation and a unit...


January 19, 2010 Michael D. Pascu
Posted in condominium act

Blanket Alteration Agreements - A Good Idea?

Every so often I run into property managers who tout the benefits of a condominium corporation registering a blanket alteration agreement on tit...

January 15, 2010 Jonathan H. Fine
Posted in condominium act

Amend the Condominium Act, 1998 to Avoid the Creation of Tenements

Just as life as we know it started as a “primordial stew”, the Government of Ontario has concocted its own version of a condominium ...

December 30, 2009
Posted in condominium act

Whose interests does a board have to consider when managing the affairs of the corporation?

Whose interests does a board have to consider when managing the affairs of the corporation?  Obviously owners, because much of the Condomin...

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